We’ve been members of the National Trust for a number of years. A charity and institution that is, in my opinion, one of England’s greatest. Without it our heritage, culture and history would just disappear, so it is with such a strong passion that we always try and visit a number of NationaL Trust properties, no matter where we are in the country.

"See beauty in every place"

— Co-founder of the National Trust, Octavia Hill

And breathe...

However another big problem we have is remembering the properties we’ve visited. So by writing a list I can at least keep track of our little journeys around the country and add to it the more we explore. But in the meantime, I can’t encourage you enough to explore your local National Trust…

  • Anglesey Abbey
  • Belton House
  • Blickling Estate
  • Chartwell
  • Houghton Mill
  • Hughenden
  • Ickworth
  • Knowle
  • Melford Hall
  • Oxburgh Hall
  • Peck over House and Gardens
  • Scotney Castle
  • Sheffield Park and Garden
  • Snowshill Manor
  • Wakehurst Place
  • Wimpole Estate

Photos by Liv Cashman and Annie Spratt on Unsplash

"We all want quiet. We all want beauty...We all need space."

— Co-founder of the National Trust, Octavia Hill