You read that right… it’s a wrap. Let the maternity leave begin! My out of office is on, handovers are complete, and my inbox is empty. But it is not certainly not goodbye, but just a see you soon.

People keep asking me how I am feeling. Am I ready for my impending arrival? Am I excited? Am I terrified? And the truth is, I don’t quite know how I feel. I know that it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, that is for sure. Juggling the routine of a 5 year old who is at school, goes swimming, does Street Dance and Gardening Club, as well as the endless amount of homework, play dates and park dates with the routine of a newborn is something that I don’t think I can get my head around until Baby Farrow #2 is here. So no, in that respect I am far from ready.

On the other hand I am so excited to meet this little person! His nursery is ready, everything has come down from the loft in anticipation for him and his place is ready and waiting for him at the kitchen table. But there is something so different this time around, and I have only just been able to put my finger on it.

When I went on maternity leave 5 years ago I was employed. I remember leaving work for the final time, 39 weeks pregnant and totally switched off from my job. I didn’t have to worry about work, the future or the return to work a year later because, quite simply, it wasn’t my problem. When you are employed you can just hand everything over and switch off mentally. But this time around it really is different. Going on maternity leave as a freelancer is a whole new experience for me.

I’ve spent 18 months building up a really successful freelance business, growing my client base more than I ever thought possible and in the last month alone I have recorded my highest ever turnover. Am I ready to give that all up to potentially start over again in November 2022 when ‘Baby’ starts nursery?

In short, the answer is YES! Because even though it has been tough to build up my business to where it is today, I know I can easily do it all again. I have clients who might have me back, or might not – who knows?! But while I try not to worry about what the future holds for my business, there is nothing quite like bringing a new baby into this world. And because of that, nothing else compares.

So, am I excited to be heading off on maternity leave as a freelancer? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Because one day soon I will be back, life will be even more chaotic and crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, until November 2022, stay safe, look after yourselves, and I’ll see you on the other side!

Photos by Max van den Oetelaar, Kaleb Kendall and Gabrielle Henderson.