As the UK edges closer to easing lockdown measures, children are returning to school and I can finally design my friends wedding invites, I am wondering how on earth I have survived the last 2.5 months. January lasted approximately 492 days, February was just a pointless journey of exhaustion and March is slowly bringing us the light at the end of the tunnel. And it has me thinking… how on earth have we done it? 

Working 12 hour days just to keep on top of my ever increasing workload, juggling homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, food shopping, not losing my sanity, not letting my son lose his sanity, checking in on my husband who lost his months ago (sorry Guy, I am probably partly to blame for that!), building a business, growing a client base, keeping everyone happy, keeping myself happy and always remembering to charge my laptop…! But I know for certain that I wouldn’t ’t have survived if it wasn’t for my top 6 survival tips, and should we ever need to go through the torture of the last couple of months again, I know what I am going to need to turn to, in order to survive again.

Tip #1: Grandparents

Move closer to them! Wherever you live now, sell up and move closer to them! Moving from Cambridge to Tenterden last January could not have come at a better time. This lockdown would never have been possible had it not been for the continued support of our childcare bubble (Thanks to my mum and dad) and our support bubble (thanks to my mother in law!). If you don’t live close to your parents, do it. Now. You won’t regret it!

Tip #2: Elasticated waistbands

The last time I wore jeans was Christmas Day. And they lasted 4 hours before I had no choice but to revert back to my trusted leggings. But not just any ol’ leggings… Love Leggings! The finest leggings known to man. I have 5 pairs. One for each day of the week, and of course PJs for the weekend. Because, well, why not?

Tip #3: Put on weight

It’s inevitable. YOU WILL PUT ON WEIGHT. If you tell me you’ve lost weight during lockdown I won’t believe you. Eating chocolate, biscuits and sweets (thanks to 2n6 Sweets for always keeping us topped up!) is an inevitable part of lockdown so don’t kid yourself. Just make sure you buy in bulk. Saves on unnecessary trips out!

Tip #4: Aldi Click and Collect

The greatest announcement of all came in the form of Aldi Click and Collect. For anyone who has ever visited Aldi in Ashford, you will know that it isn’t the most glamorous of places to do your weekly shop. Let’s just say their clientele don’t know the meaning of social distancing, and a large majority wear their masks barely covering their mouths, let alone their noses. So when Aldi announced the arrival of click and collect, my life was complete. I never need to step foot in Aldi again (but I do miss the middle aisle though!)

Tip #5: The Office

Netflix re-released The Office US. All 9 seasons in all their wonderful glory! I’ve watched them before (obviously, I mean, who hasn’t?!) but immersing yourself in the world of Michael Scott is enough to make anyone feel better.

Tip #6: WhatsApp

And finally, where would I be without the best mum friends I could ever ask for! My amazing WhatsApp mum groups have literally SAVED MY SANITY! Knowing I am not alone has been the greatest gift anyone has given me. And should we ever have to go through anything like this again, I know that my girls will be there by my side, every step of the way.