It’s not often that the husband and I go out for dinner on a Tuesday. And when I say not often, I can’t actually remember the last mid-week meal we went out to have. It might have been a few years ago when we had a Groupon for our local Turkish Kebab restaurant. So when I found out on Monday night that I had landed a lovely little job just outside of Cambridge, we made a date for Tuesday night. I had the pick of every place in Cambridge to chose from, and even though that is a lot of choice I quickly decided on the Cambridge Wine Merchants on Bridge Street.

And who doesn't love cheese?

We have walked past on a number of occasions and always seen the place full of people sampling the selection on wines, but what we also noticed was the amount of cheese being consumed too. And who doesn’t love cheese? So dinner last night was wine (by the glass so we could try as many different varieties), a mixed meat platter, olive board, pate plate, and most importantly (and always saved until the end) the cheese board.

It was absolutely delicious. The service was wonderful, the staff were friendly and helpful with any questions we had about the menu. The only downside was the fact that they had run out of scotch eggs and pork pies. I guess it just means that we’ll have to come back again to enjoy the rest of the menu.

Hidden? I'm not so sure

I’m not sure I can call this Cambridge’s ‘hidden’ gem because it is ever so popular and I just think we’re a little slow on the uptake. However a little selfish part of me wishes that it was a bit more hidden so that we can have it all to ourselves. Well done Cambridge Wine Merchants and good luck at the Cambridge Food & Drink Awards.

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